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New STAMFORD S4 alternator

Cummins Generator Technologies, a leading global manufacturer of STAMFORD and AvK alternators, has unveiled the STAMFORD S4, the latest addition to its family of alternators.

The new S4 builds on the proven technology of the popular STAMFORD HC4, and is the first alternator from the S-Range to feature CoreCooling™ technology. Using innovative thermal, electromagnetic and mechanical components, CoreCooling™ enables the STAMFORD S4 to deliver up to a 12% increase in power density when compared to its predecessor, the STAMFORD HC4.

Following on from the successful launch of the STAMFORD S0/S1 products, the STAMFORD S4 shares the same modular foot flexibility that facilitates greater compatibility with customers’ existing genset designs and for ease of assembly.

Sridhar Narayanan, Global Product Introduction & Value Engineering Leader at Cummins Generator Technologies, said: “With over 100 years’ experience we have put a great deal of time, investment and expertise into research and development, constantly looking for ways to innovate, update and improve our products. The STAMFORD S4 encompasses a range of solutions put together in the right mix in order to enhance product capability.”

The new STAMFORD S Range draws upon the company’s market leading expertise and heritage to create a family of alternators that provide solutions for a wide range of industrial, marine and commercial applications. Customers have already been introduced to the new STAMFORD S0 and S1 models, with the success of these new solutions being carried forward into the development of the STAMFORD S4 and other S-Range products. The new STAMFORD S4 will be revealed at the PowerGen show in December 2016, alongside the new STAMFORD S5, with the STAMFORD S6 unveiled at the Middle East Electricity Show in February 2017.

Trevor French, General Manager of AvK Sales and Global Marketing at Cummins Generator Technologies commented: “As the global market leader in alternators we’ve been able to adapt quickly to market demand and, by making refinements and improvements, can now offer customers a range of enhanced machines that more directly meet their needs. Over the next nine months the market will see several more products introduced, all of which will give customers market leading power density and improved performances.”

S-Range alternators meet the critical needs of various applications - be it oil and gas auxiliary, combined heat and power, critical protection and UPS, continuous power and standby - each demanding the highest level of performance.

Cummins Generator Technologies manufactures premium quality alternators up to 11,200 kVA under the STAMFORD® and AvK® brands. The company is part of Cummins Inc, a global power leader and Fortune 500 corporation that designs, manufactures and distributes engines and related technologies, including fuel systems, controls, air handling, filtration, emission solutions and electrical power generation systems.

Source: https://stamford-avk.com/news/new_stamford_s4_alternator

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