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5 things to know when using generator

Not everyone knows how to use generator properly and safe. In order to operate efficiently and to avoid damage to the machine, please note the following:

- The total power of the equipment consumes electricity not exceed the capacity of the machine.

- Do not use voltages to voltage.

- Viscosity and Cyclic Cooling Test:

+ From the first 50-100 hours: check for leaks and fuel and then filter the oil and change the viscosity.

After 500 hours running: Check and clean the cooling system.

- If you do not use the generator regularly, but sometimes you have to start from 5-10 minutes per month to operate.

- Before refueling, turn off the engine and let the fuel cool down as direct fuel injection into a hot engine may ignite. Only use the recommended type of fuel according to the generator manual or the label.

Above are the basic considerations when operating the generator.

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