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1 USD : 24,540 VND

About Digenso

  • Digenso aims to be the first e-commerce platform to connect suppliers and customers for industrial diesel generators.
  • We provide wide range of options that best suit customer demands.

Who we are

Our Mission

"We update our website with latest product price and stock information directly from suppliers in order to save customer's time for decision making process."

Our Vision

"We aim to become the largest e-commerce platform that connects suppliers and customers for industrial products."

Our Value

Innovation: We strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

Attentiveness: We always listen to customers and make all efforts to deliver the best suited solutions.

Flexibility: We structured our firm, our culture and our capital to be nimble and flexible to optimzize and save cost for customers.


An integrated team of technical and market specialists
with young, dynamic sales executives who make all efforts to find solutions that suit customer demands